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Traffic Counts

Traffic Counts

GbBIS offers a number of options for Traffic Counts based on the
most up to date data available – updated quarterly - from leading
provider Kalibrate. View our traffic count data directly in your web
application, on maps and reports. Access current year estimates,
future projections and historical count information to analyze the
growth or decline of traffic volume in your service area.
Learn how our solutions can be
configured to your business.
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Historical Data &
Current Trends

Access Current Year Estimates, 5 Year Estimates
or Historical Counts. See directional and distance
data with each count, the year the last count was
taken and the nearest cross street.

traffic counts by address
find traffic counts

Customized View

Easy to read markers of different sizes and colors identifying areas of high, low, and median range traffic. The traffic points can be labeled with the count value or graduated symbols can be used with a corresponding legend when the map contains too many points.

Data at Any Level

Display traffic count data any level of geography
- State, County, ZIP Code, Carrier Route,
Census Tract, Block Group or even
Custom Area!

traffic count data analysis
Traffic Counts Data Options

GbBIS Offers a Number of
Traffic Count Data Options

Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

Web Applications Web Applications

Overlay Traffic Counts within your interactive web application. Add
store & competitor locations,
demographics and more.

Reports Reports

Get Traffic Count Reports on an as
needed basis. Reports include
spreadsheet lists of count numbers on
specific highways. Our team can also
create custom reports to fit your needs.

Maps Maps

Traffic Counts can be presented as
physical data on maps, giving you
the best visualization of areas of
high and low vehicle traffic.
Maps are available in Wall Map,
Map Book or Digital Map Formats.

Databases Databases

Traffic Counts Data is available in
database format, allowing businesses
to apply our data to their own
mapping software. Available in
formats for use with mapping
software such as ESRI and MapInfo.

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