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About Gbbis 

Discover GIS technology where geographic intelligence melds seamlessly with business acumen. Welcome to Gbbis, a vanguard in Geography-based Business Information Solutions.

Our Mission:

Tailored, trustworthy, and transformative solutions

At the heart of Gbbis lies a mission simple in words but profound in impact.


Tailored solutions

We believe every company, large or small, deserves solutions precisely tailored to their needs and budget. 

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Client-centric customization

We mold our data, reports, maps, and services to seamlessly fit the unique requirements of each client.


Long-term partnerships

Our engagement with clients transcends transactional interactions, blossoming into long-term relationships that carry the tradition of meeting their needs on a regular basis. 

A legacy of pioneering

Our journey, that commenced over 36 years ago, is a narrative of innovation, problem-solving, and an unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges others deemed impossible.

We didn’t just adapt to the industry’s needs; we invented technologies and methodologies that set the gold standard in delivering top-tier solutions, regardless of project complexity. 

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Beyond products: Crafting customized solutions 

At Gbbis, we transcend the conventional. We don’t just offer products; we craft solutions that are as unique as the challenges you face.

What we offer

Our services include mapping software, databases, project consulting and GIS data, all designed to provide practical information to drive your strategic decisions.

Over 100,000 successful projects

Our expertise, while honed in the service of franchise brands, extends to anyone seeking reliable data, insightful analysis or robust mapping tools.

Your growth, our

Our engagement with clients goes beyond just understanding their needs. We actively contribute to their growth trajectory by offering tools and solutions configured for their unique business models.

Our 36-year legacy is not just a testament to our expertise, but a reflection of our unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and fostering the success of our diverse clientele. 

locating the possibilities

Gbbis joined the Valsoft Corp. portfolio in 2023

Valsoft carries a massive global presence, specializing in acquiring, operating and growing software centric businesses. With Valsoft Corp. support, Gbbis has been able to leverage our deep expertise in geography-based information solutions to grow our industry presence and emerge as a standout brand.  

Ready for GIS mapping software that lets you discover and grow in a strategic manner?

Connect with Gbbis today and become a leader in your geographical landscape. 

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