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Business and Consumer Mailing Lists

Efficient and effective lead identification and marketing campaign management
is now in your hands with Gbbis’s Business and Consumer Mailing Lists.

Business mailing lists: your bridge to business leads 

Bid farewell to resource wastage and embrace Gbbis’s list fulfillment to identify business leads and steer
your marketing campaigns effectively.

Consumer Expenditure 

Business mailing lists by ZIP Code, Distance Radii, Counties, States, and more, with our lists covering the length and breadth of the entire USA. 

Tailored Selection

Customized list with demographic data, targeting businesses that align with your criteria. Select by Business Type, SIC, NAICS, Business Name, or any custom data, crafting a list that resonates with your objectives. 

Detailed Business Information

Every listing is a collection of information including Contact Names, Addresses, ZIP Codes, Phone Numbers (when available), and the specific data you require. 

Data Insights

Dive into demographic data within our web application, pinpointing your most promising opportunities.

Cost Savings

Leverage our Saturation Mailing Lists to secure the most cost-effective postage rates for your direct mail campaigns. 

Convenient Reporting

Manage your Business Mailing Lists effortlessly, available in Excel or CSV formats for easy organization.

Connecting with the Right Audience

Consumer Mailing Lists

For businesses with a consumer-centric approach, our Consumer Mailing Lists are the beacon of efficiency in targeting the right audience. 

Extensive Coverage 

Just like our business lists, the consumer mailing lists span across ZIP Codes, Distance Radii, Counties, States, and beyond, covering the entire USA. 

Personalized Selection

Tailor your list based on average age, gender, median income, population, or any custom criteria, ensuring your message reaches the right ears. 

Cost-Effective Options

Avail the lowest postage rates with our Saturation Mailing Lists, making your direct mail campaigns as cost-effective as they are impactful. 

Comprehensive Information

Each listing is packed with valuable information including Contact Names, Addresses, ZIP Codes, Phone Numbers (when available), and any specific data you desire. 

Effortless Reporting

Access and manage your Consumer Mailing Lists with ease, available in Excel or CSV formats for your convenience.

Gbbis Web Applications

Web Applications: Your Control Center 

Business and consumer lists

Take command of your business and consumer lists. Define your target area, select criteria, and generate mailing lists right from your computer. The address points can be seamlessly geocoded onto your map allowing you to visualize your data. 

Engage with Gbbis for Demographic Precision 

Business and Consumer Mailing Lists are more than just a service; they are a partnership in your journey towards effective lead identification and direct mail campaign management. Solutions designed to transform complex demographic data into actionable insights.

Ready to redefine your direct mail campaigns and lead identification strategy through business mailing lists?

Contact Gbbis today, and let’s strive for precision, insight, and strategic growth. Mastering Demographic Data begins with Gbbis. 

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