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With nearly two decades of industry experience, GbBIS has formulated a GeoCoding system to provide geographic information for businesses and customers. With GeoCoding, you can find directions, coordinates and locations based on data such as ZIP codes and addresses. Customers can customize a search for the closest of your stores in their radius and benefit from immediate responses. GeoCoding brings your store to your customers with easy to use services and accurate results.

Data Providers

GbBIS has partnered with industry leaders in order to provide you with the most reliable data for your needs. The providers we use are specific to your individual business goals. Our data includes Census Geographies, Postal Geographies, Telecommunication Boundaries, Demographics, Business Statistics, Consumer Lists and much more. All data is updated monthly and all postal data is CASS Certification compatible.




GbBIS's custom maps can have a wide range of statistics available that will help you identify your customers. We use our data to research and analyze the specific information you need to know about your clients. Our business reports condense this information in a single report which helps you make the best decisions for your business.


GbBIS's maps are available in physical as well as digital format as an excel, text or .cvs file. With a map from GbBIS, you can visually pinpoint the areas where your customers are located according to their profile information such as by zip code, demographic or even lifestyle information. Our maps allow you to see where your customers are and help you plan how to target them.

Web Applications

GbBIS web applications are available for you to sign up for online, web-based services, allowing you to access a wide range of data, map-making and analytical tools. Our web applications teach you what information to input when using the GeoCoding systems and how to best tailor this information to meet your business needs.

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Key benefits

GbBIS GeoCoding is an accurate and effective way to help convert your raw data or address lists into meaningful locations and visuals on maps. With our accurate techniques, your business is assured the locations important to you will be marked with pinpoint accuracy on your physical or web map.

Companies who use GeoCoding

Business and franchises that have extensive lists of customer, competitor, or supplier addresses can transform their lists of addresses into locations on a map to help them visualize these locations and engage in meaningful spatial analysis. Businesses with consumer and business mailing lists can transform those addresses into points on a map to help them manage their direct mailing.