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Place your data on the map 

Geographical precision and data intelligence are the cornerstones of geocoding services at Gbbis.

With a legacy of nearly three decades of industry excellence, we take pride in offering a spectrum of Geocoding solutions designed to transform your raw data into a rich tapestry of actionable insights. 

Pinpoint accuracy: the genesis of insightful visualization 

Convert your raw data or address lists into meaningful locations, unveiling a visual narrative on mapping applications.

Our Geocoding solutions are designed to rectify spelling errors and complete addresses with missing or invalid components, ensuring the results are as precise as they are insightful.  

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The data format you need: Your data, your way 

Whether it’s tables, reports, maps, or interactive web applications, we ensure your geocoded coordinates and data are organized seamlessly, ready for you to harness anywhere, anytime. 

Demographic data & detailed analysis: dive deeper 

Discover and gather the demographic dynamics of the areas encircling your locations.

Explore facets like population or median household income, and discern the census tract, ZIP Code, or neighborhood classifications.

Geocoding solutions

Choose the right geocoding solution for your business: tailored to your needs 


Embrace autonomy by uploading your records to our sister site, GeoSpatializer, and download the geocoded locations instantly. 

Geo Spatializer (API)

Own a web application that empowers you to geocode your addresses and delve into demographic and geographic insights about your locations, anytime, anywhere. 

Custom GeoCoder

Upload your bespoke data about your locations and view it in any format that aligns with your needs – tables, reports, maps, and more.


Send your data our way and we’ll geocode your addresses, supplying any requisite data about your locations quickly and accurately. 

Ready to transform your geographical data into a fountain of actionable insights?

Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey of precision, insight, and strategic growth. Your search for Geocoding solutions ends with Gbbis. 

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