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GbBIS offers a number of options for Geocoding based on the
most up-to-date data available from leading providers. With
nearly three decades of industry experience, GbBIS has the most
accurate and precise placements for the greatest number of
locations in the US.
Learn how our solutions can be
configured to your business.
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Pinpoint Accuracy

Convert your raw data or address lists into
meaningful locations and visuals on maps and web
applications. Fix spelling errors and complete
addresses that have missing or invalid components
to provide more precise results.

Pinpoint Accuracy
The Data Format You Need

The Data Format
You Need

View your locations and the important data sets
surrounding them in any format. Organize your
data in tables, reports, maps or on your
interactive web application. Your geocoded
coordinates and data are yours to keep and use

Demographic Data
& Detailed Analysis

Examine the demographics of the areas
surrounding your locations, like population or
median household income. Learn what census
tract, ZIP Code or neighborhood they’re in and
make business decisions based on the results.

Demographic Data & Detailed Analysis

GbBIS offers a number of GeoCoding Options
Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

Self-Serve Self-Serve

Upload your records
to our sister site, GeoSpatializer, and
download the geocoded
locations instantly.

GeoSpatializer(API) GeoSpatializer(API)

Own a web application that
allows you to geocode your
addresses and view demographic
and geographic information
about your locations -
anytime, anywhere.

Custom GeoCoder Custom

Upload your own data
about your locations and
view it in any format you
need – tables, reports,
maps and more.

Service Service

Whenever you need GeoCoding,
send your data to us and we’ll
geocode your addresses for
you, and supply any data
about your locations you need -
quickly and accurately.

GbBIS offers a number of GeoCoding Options
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Let's Talk
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