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Traffic Count Data 

Access advanced data with Gbbis, where every traffic count is a point of
market potential waiting to be discovered.

Historical Data & Current Trends: The Mirror to Traffic Dynamics

Analyze your traffic data with access to Current Year Estimates, 5 Year Estimates, or Historical Counts. Our data unfolds a narrative of directional and distance data with each count, enriched with the year the last count was taken and the nearest cross street.

It’s about having a panoramic view of traffic trends, helping you gauge the growth or decline of traffic volume in your service area. 

Customized View: Your Lens to Traffic Volume Trends 

Simplify your customized traffic data visualization with easy-to-read markers of varying sizes and colors. Identify areas of high, low, and median range traffic with a glance, as the traffic points are labeled with count values or graduated symbols complemented by a corresponding legend. 

Data at Any Level: Your Scalable Traffic Data Solution

Whether it’s State, County, ZIP Code, Carrier Route, Census Tract, Block Group, or even Custom Area, our solutions are tailored to display traffic data at any level of geography.

It’s about having a scalable solution that resonates with your geographical analysis needs. 

Ready for the best franchise territory mapping software?

Step into a future where your territories maximize profit for both franchisor and franchisee. A solution built on precision, clarity and the promise of unwavering support.

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