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Explore your customer base with Gbbis’s advanced Customer Segmentation
Data solutions, utilizing top-tier geodemographic systems.

Applied Geographic Solutions: Panorama

Our collaboration with Applied Geographic Solutions brings you the excellence of Panorama, which unfurls a rich tapestry of consumer behavior profiles to inform and refine your site, territory, and marketing endeavors.

Panorama’s robust, location-centric segmentation system, encompassing approximately 150 variables, crafts a clear narrative connecting neighborhood demographics with consumer preferences, attitudes, and lifestyle intricacies. 

Mosaic consumer personas from MOSAIC

Experian meld seamlessly with Gbbis’s best-in-class web applications and expertise, forging a bridge to potential customers.

This alliance empowers you with the razor-sharp precision required to pinpoint your audience amidst a sprawling landscape of 126 million households, each delineated with up to 800 lifestyle and interest attributes.

This interdependent integration amplifies your communication strategies, helping measure the quality of your marketing campaigns, and unveiling the pathways to engage with your most profitable customer segments.

Broadening the PRIZM

Our partnership with Environics Analytics introduces you to the PRIZM segmentation, unlocking a treasure trove of demographic data for the Canadian market.

With two tailored versions of the Canadian Census at its core, this alliance illuminates your market strategy with rich insights, accurate reports, and detailed data maps covering a spectrum of demographic facets including gender, age, education, housing, cultural diversity, occupation, income levels, and marital status.

By tracking neighborhood growth patterns and forecasting market trends, Gbbis places you a stride ahead in connecting with your best customers and understanding the Canadian market’s dynamic pulse. 

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