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Demographic data:
up-to-date and accurate

At Gbbis, we offer a spectrum of over 20,000+ demographic variables sourced from leading providers, ensuring a reservoir of accurate and up-to-date data at your fingertips.

Our journey with you is about crafting custom solutions, sometimes even pioneering technology to ensure your demographic data visualization aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

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Demographic data spectrum

Our territory creation service focuses on profitability through: 

Current Year Demographics:
Engage with a snapshot of the present demographic landscape.

5 Year Projections:
Step into the future with demographic projections, preparing you for the market dynamics of tomorrow.

Census Data by ZIP code:
Dive into a comprehensive repository of census data, unveiling the demographic narrative of your market landscape.

Your Lens to Market Dynamics

Customer Demographics & Their Variables

Explore a plethora of demographic variables covering facets like Population, Households, Income, Labor Force, Dwellings, Household Assets, Origin & Ancestry, and Ownership Costs.


Population by age, household, race, sex and more.


Types, age, size, language and more.


Averages and medians, family income, household income and more. 

Labor Force  

Employment status, by industry, by occupation and more.


Value, units, rent, year built and more.

Household Income 

By age, median and averages by age. 

Household Assets 

Employment status, by industry, by occupation and more.

Origin & Ancestry 

Asian, Indian, American, Scandinavian and more.

Ownership Costs 

Monthly occupancy costs, dwelling value, by race and more 

Ownership Costs 

Monthly occupancy costs, dwelling value, by race and more 

Understanding the Consumer Pulse

Lifestyle / Behavioral Data

Analyze consumer expenditure patterns, religion & political data, and engage with AGS Panorama
Profiling Data to connect neighborhood demographics with consumer preferences and attitudes.

Consumer Expenditure 

Apparel, gifts, health care, utilities and more. 

Religion & Political Data

Psychographics, religion, political outlook and more. 

AGS Panorama Profiling Data

Connecting neighborhood with demographics, consumer preferences and attitudes.

Navigating the Risk Landscape

Risk Indices / Risk Variables

Equip yourself with insights into Weather Risks and Crime Risks, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the risk variables that could influence your market strategy. 

Weather Risk 

Temperature, precipitation, degree days, air pollution and more.

Crime Risk 

Assault, robbery, burglary and more 

Delving Deeper

Neighborhood Segmentation

Engage with Neighborhood Demographics and Consumer Behavior insights covering a spectrum of sectors like Automotive, Insurance, Leisure, Vacation, and Travel.

Neighborhood Demographics 

Household, population and more 

Consumer Behavior 

Automotive, insurance, leisure, vacation, travel and more 

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