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Combine seamless integration and unrivaled analytical power with Gbbis’s
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Demystify the street networks with TomTom 

Whether it’s evaluating the traffic volume for site selection or understanding the geographical dynamics of a potential market, our Street Databases are your lens to clarity. Benefit from the precision and up-to-dateness of data from TomTom, unveiling the rhythm of roads and highways.

Engage with the dynamics of movement through TomTom’s MOVE portal, and let the historical and real-time data guide your business strategies. 

Engage with the heartbeat of mobility data with Near 

Step into the Nearverse with Near, the world’s largest source of privacy-led intelligence. Understand who visits your stores, who visits your competitors, and glean insights into visitation data and trends across various venues.

It’s about making data-driven decisions that maximize ROI on marketing spends across channels. 

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Elevate your analytics with Power BI and Tableau

Integrate these leading tools with Gbbis web applications and delve into a world of interactive data management, analytics, and visualization.

Empower your franchise recruitment with FranConnect integration 

Connectivity with FranConnect isn’t just an integration; it’s an empowerment to recruit franchisees, sell more territories, and match with high-quality candidates.

FranConnect’s customized solutions coupled with Gbbis’s geographical intelligence create a synergistic platform for sustainable brand growth. 

Automate your marketing efforts with Xpressdocs 

Leverage the automated marketing solutions of Xpressdocs, integrated seamlessly with Gbbis.

Whether it’s inventory management, distribution of branded materials, or modern automated direct mail options, the amalgamation of Xpressdocs and Gbbis is your gateway to marketing efficiency. 

Break data barriers with Alteryx Connectivity 

Alteryx and Gbbis connectivity is your hammer to break data barriers, delivering insights to influence business decisions swiftly.

Utilize data created and maintained in your Gbbis applications effectively, including territory and trade area definitions, consumer information, and business location data.

Seamless Salesforce integration for end-to-end analytics 

The seamless integration ensures accurate assignment of callers to stores, trade areas, and territories, reinforcing confidence in lead assignment to the correct sales representative. 

Engage with Gbbis for Seamless Connectivity & Advanced API Integration Solutions 

Our solutions are tailored to configure and customize according to the way you do business, ensuring actionable results unique to your company. 

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