Territory Design & Management
Solutions for Franchise Growth 

Growth tailored for the franchise industry is here with Gbbis’s suite of analytic solutions.

Analytic solutions for franchise growth, territory management & site selection 

Our solutions empower you to compare territory performance, identify the success factors, and apply this understanding to optimize and design new franchise territories.

Franchise Territory Management

Design franchise territories effectively & easily 

Unveil the optimal number of territories a market can support and carve out the ideal boundaries for profitable franchise territories. Navigate through the process with ease, laying the foundation for a profitable franchise network. 

Market Analysis Solutions 

Gain insight into new and current markets 

Delve into market potential analysis from a national to a local scale, zeroing in on the most profitable markets for franchise growth. It’s about having a laser-focused approach towards market exploration and expansion. 

Location analysis

Forecast the success of new sites 

Evaluate the viability of potential sites with a spectrum of parameters including demographics, drive time, traffic counts, competitor landscape, and more. It’s about making informed decisions that resonate with your franchise growth objectives. 

products for Franchise Growth

Products tailored for the franchise industry 


Design, optimize, and manage your franchise territories with a solution crafted for franchise excellence.


Evaluate the pros and cons of potential sites using demographics, drive time, traffic counts, competitors, complementary businesses and more.


Evaluate market potential from a national scale down to local, ensuring a holistic understanding of your market landscape. 

Territory Creation 

Maximize market saturation by mapping territories comprehensively from the start. Prevent leaving unserved or unutilized areas, ensuring each market can support profitable territories. 

locating the possibilities

Engage with Gbbis for tailored industry solutions 

Our territory management solutions are crafted to transform complex geographical and demographic data into actionable insights, propelling you towards informed and strategic decisions.

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