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Location Analysis & Site Selection

Location Analytics Software – Make Every Location a Success.

Location analysis & site selection solutions 

What if every location was a narrative of success? Meet our suite of location intelligence software, where data-driven insights meet geographical intelligence. 

Forecast the success of new sites

Identifying and securing the most lucrative sites begins with Gbbis’s custom web applications and mapping solutions. Obtain access to insights about the businesses and communities enveloping your current or potential locations. 

Access a wealth of national data, bringing comprehensive location analysis directly to your fingertips.

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Learn the location analysis formula for success 

Explore and enhance your top locations with spatial analysis, uncovering key data relationships with drive time, traffic counts, competitor/customer proximity that turn data into strategic growth insights. 
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Find the most profitable location for your Business 

Unveil the demographic dynamics and competitive landscape surrounding your prospective sites. Evaluate potential cannibalization, and spotlight areas where the demand for your offerings sings the loudest.

Our location intelligence software is built to align your business with the heartbeat of market demand. 

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Site Profiling: Location analysis for business 

Gain a better understanding of successful sites with Site Profiling. Analyze customer demographics, geographic distribution, competitor influence, and the rhythm of traffic and navigation.  

It’s your lens to evaluating site performance, adding new sites within a territory, and orchestrating regional expansions with confidence.

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Cannibalization analysis

Perceive the ripple effects of launching new stores on your existing outlets. Explore the overlap of potential trade areas and understand the extent of customer cannibalization.

It’s about informed decision-making that safeguards the vitality of your existing stores while embracing expansion.

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Site studies 

Gain access to a repository of insights ready at a click, propelling you towards informed site selections. 

Ready to transform your site selection process into a narrative of success?

Let Gbbis handle analysis with our location analytics software. Contact us today, and let’s find a way to grow together. 

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