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Market Area Analysis
& Optimization
MarketMentor is a highly intuitive web application that allows you to discover demand for your products and services in new
markets. Find unfulfilled potential in existing markets and maximize revenue. Rank and prioritize which markets will be most
profitable for your business. Gain key insights about businesses and people surrounding current or potential locations.
Capture Maximum
Market Potential
Search for areas that have an unfulfilled potential for your
product or service. Tap an area to get an overview of some
quick stats to check if it aligns with your goals.
Market Analysis
View spatial influences that affect your market like transporta-
tion, proximity to competitors, customers and stores at the
click of a button. Compare performance across markets and
identify the underlying factors that make your most successful
locations stand out.
Know Your Customers
and Find New Ones
View a detailed analysis of your customers and the people
surrounding your sites. Search for areas with the demographic
make-up of your target customers. Find the best locations within
those areas for secure, successful sites.
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