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Franchise Territory Management 

Franchise Mapping Software to Maximize Franchisee Performance and Franchisor Revenue

Grow your business in a predictable and sustainable manner

With our franchise mapping software merging custom web applications, data, analytics and mapping solutions - we empower you to not just navigate the territory management landscape but to master it. 

Assure predictable growth with analytics

Building a successful franchise begins with a keen understanding of what criteria leads to a profitable territory. Our franchise territory mapping tools are designed to help you dissect the factors that contribute to a territory’s success.

locating the possibilities

Franchise mapping software to optimize the creation of new territories 

Discover the potential each market holds with a clear vision of the optimal number of territories it can support. Our solutions guide you in ensuring every franchisee location is optimized for success.


Comprehensive franchise territory management

Delve deeper into the demographic and spatial factors encircling within your territories. Adjust, adapt, and learn from your existing territories, while identifying new territories resonating with success attributes.

Seamless collaboration 

Foster a culture of collaborative growth with our solutions. With proper franchise territory mapping, you can optimize territories to enhance franchisee performance and franchisor revenues, a symbiotic pathway to success.

With access to a vast repository of data and the flexibility to integrate your in-house databases, your analysis is as profound as it is precise.


Territory profiling 

Territory Profiling is not just a feature; it’s your compass to discovering the optimal criteria of a successful franchise territory.

Our franchise territory mapping solutions are crafted with a blend of expertise, innovation, and clarity, embodying a promise of unwavering support in your franchise territory management endeavor. 

Grow your franchise with Gbbis as your trusted ally!

Leverage our franchise mapping software into a cornerstone of success.

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