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Location Analysis & Site Selection

20/20iSite is a highly intuitive web application that allows you to gain
access to the in-depth insights you need to make confident site
selection decisions. Avoid underperforming locations by forecasting
profitability for any new sites. Find the optimal number of locations for
any market area and identify which markets you should prioritize first.
Learn how our solutions can be
configured to your business.
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Detailed Site Profiling
Correlate site performance with demographic and spatial
factors like drive time and proximity to customer and
competitor locations. Select and view key demographics,
consumer behavior and expenditure data from
over 20,000 variables.
Detailed Site Profiling
Predict the Success of Potential Sites
Predict the Success
of Potential Sites
Use the profile of your most successful sites to search for
new areas with the same factors. Get all the information
you need to make sure your site selection and evaluation
decisions maximize ROI.
Site Evaluation
and Selection
Look at the demographic data, competitive landscape and
complementary businesses surrounding potential locations.
Or start from the top-down and highlight areas that have the
highest concentrations of your target customers, overlay drive
time and traffic counts and hone in on the perfect area to start
searching for a new site.
Site Evaluation and Selection
Build Sales and Find Potential Customers
Build Sales and Find
Potential Customers
Use demographics and consumer data to find out which of
your customer segments are contributing to most of your
profits and learn more about them - then target more people
just like them. Determine how location and other factors
affect spending potential and life-long customer value.
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