Site selection software to choose successful locations

Use Gbbis's 20/20iSite for smart site selection. This platform turns complex data into a visually intuitive narrative, empowering informed decision- making for improved business performance and profitability.

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    Gbbis's 20/20isite

    Unlock insightful site selection with Gbbis’s 20/20iSite

    A comprehensive platform that transforms complex demographic and geographic data into a visually intuitive narrative. Download the brochure now for innovative GIS technology.

    20/20iSite features

    Propel your business towards enhanced performance and profitability.

    Simplified Site Management 

    With 20/20iSite’s location intelligence software, your sites, analytics and data find a centralized home. Dive into a reservoir of information, where every detail from address to sales at location is at your fingertips.

    Site Selection with Market Intelligence 

    Unveil the potential of areas surrounding your sites with location analysis. 20/20iSite is your lens to the demographics within a defined trade area, bringing you closer to understanding your potential customer base.

    Maps & Reports

    Generate detailed PDF maps of sites, share them across departments, and let the visual storytelling begin. It’s about fostering a culture of shared insights, a collaborative approach towards choosing great locations.

    Sales Forecasting

    Project the sales for any potential location with a custom algorithm, letting foresight lead the way in site selection with market intelligence. It’s about aligning today’s decisions with tomorrow’s success. 


    Evaluate the ripple effects of site proximity on customers or sales cannibalization. Utilize site comparison and cannibalization analysis to understand the nuances of overlapping trade areas. It’s about making decisions that are informed, insightful, and intelligent.

    A software to elevate your site selection and location analysis

    At the core of Gbbis’s site selection software, 20/20iSite, is a commitment to elevate your site selection and location analysis endeavors onto a platform of data-driven intelligence.

    20/20iSite key benefits

    Key benefits of using a informed decision-making product


    A clear visual layout to make managing your existing sites easy.


    Expedite the decision-making process for critical site selections, and boosting sales. 


    Share insightful information to enhance the site selection process.


    Enhance site selection decisions for higher performing sites. 


    Decipher the implications of site proximity on business, aiding in optimized site selection. 

    Ready to elevate your site selection and location analysis?

    Discover 20/20iStie’s power to deliver informed, intelligent and insightful site selection. Embrace a perspective that’s as broad as it is deep, and embark on a journey where every site selected is a step towards success.

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