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Franchise territory mapping: where intelligence meets excellence

Gbbis's 360FranTerra, your guide for seamless franchise territory management and optimization. Innovate with precision in GIS technology and navigate the vast landscape of growth.

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    Gbbis's 360FranTerra

    Your guide to territory management and optimization

    Discover 360FranTerra for seamless franchise territory management. Download the brochure now for
    innovative GIS technology.

    360FranTerra Features

    Elevate Your Franchise Territory Management with Innovative GIS Solutions.

    Effortless Territory Management 

    Easily manage territories with precision by assigning statuses like Available or Owned with one click, using 'Search by Name' and 'Filter by Status' for swift decision-making and agility.

    The Art of Territory Creation

    Easily craft franchise territories using county, zip code, or custom boundaries with our 'Snap To' feature, simplifying the journey to market-ready territories and enhancing franchise growth. 

    Territory Optimizer

    Unlock the full potential of areas with the Territory Optimizer. It’s about creating viable territories for franchisees while maximizing the amount of territories that can be sold – all using demographic criteria specific to your business. 

    Maps & Reports

    Elevate communication with detailed PDF maps and demographic data of territories, offering franchisees and partners clear, actionable insights for informed decision-making in just one click.


    Territory Legal Description

    Effortlessly generate complex territory descriptions with a single click using our mapping software, significantly reducing franchise agreement workload and boosting territory sales efficiency with Gbbis. 


    Territory Leads List

    Equip franchisees with success by creating precise, tailored lead lists using criteria like SIC code, NAICS, and demographics, including names, addresses, and phone numbers for targeted business and consumer outreach.

    Superior territory management and franchise territory mapping

    With 360FranTerra, Gbbis is your partner for strategic growth. Enjoy a user-friendly interface, data-driven insights, and maximize profit for both franchisor and franchisee. Superior territory management starts with 360FranTerra, a solution built on precision and unwavering support.

    360FranTerra Key Benefits

    Key benefits of using a superior territory management product.


    Time saved on evaluating territories, for quicker decision making and operations. 


    Streamlined process so you can sell more territories and maximize ROI. 


    Maximize territory sales by minimizing unallocated white space.


    Provide franchisees and potential franchisees, with clear, actionable information. 

    Territory Legal2

    Facilitate legal compliance and clear agreement terms with franchisees. 


    Give your franchisees a list of leads to go after to increase sales. 

    Ready for the best franchise territory mapping software?

    Step into a future where your territories maximize profit for both franchisor and franchisee. A solution built on precision, clarity and the promise of unwavering support.

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    Request a demo and discover how our franchise territory mapping software can guide your growth. 


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