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Advanced Analytics for
Franchise Territory Design & Management

360FranTerra is a highly intuitive web application that allows you to discover and understand the relationships between
customers, competitors, market potential, sites, franchise territories and your business. Empower people from franchisor
to franchisee with the ability to apply this understanding into executable plans and actions.
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Formula for Success
Correlate territory performance with hundreds of
demographic, transportation and competitive factors to
select criteria which can be used to create a formula for
success. Use your formula to design new territories with the
same ingredients.
Formula for Success
Optimize Your Territories
Your Territories
Don't miss out on opportunities for new locations and
predictable growth. Assess how many franchise territories can
be supported at the market level and how many stores each
franchise territory can support. Access precise market
demographics so you can make the best decisions when
designing your franchise territories.
Territory Profiling
Territory Profiling
With Territory Profiling, our clients can discover the optimal
number of territories a market can support, how many stores
can successfully operate in one territory, and the ideal
boundaries for a profitable territory. Learn how the locations of
competitors and other retailers in relationship to the
distribution of potential customers can influence performance.
Seamless Collaboration
Optimize territories for franchisee performance and franchisor
revenues. Gain access to thousands of data parameters and
upload your own in-house databases to work in tandem with your
analysis. Print out stunning maps and reports straight from the
app to present and share with franchisees, investors and other
Seamless Collaboration
Free Webinar
Free Webinar!
Contact us to schedule a webinar to learn more
about how our tools can help your business.
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Franchise Territory Design & Management.
Why Choose GbBIS
Why Choose GbBIS?
Our web applications are custom formatted for all companies from small
to large based on your specifications and how you do business. Gain the
benefit of a system that fuels your growth and adds and subtracts
features as your business goals change and grow. We provide more
than products. We provide solutions. Locate the Possibilities.
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