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Territory Creation 

Your Exclusive Solution for Strategic Territory Mapping 

Unlock profitable territories with GbBIS territory creation

We stand alone as the sole provider of this invaluable service, leveraging our extensive knowledge to empower franchisors in crafting territories that maximize profitability. 

Pioneers in territory creation for over 35 years

Avoid overselling or underselling by meticulously mapping out territories at the outset. 
Maximize the use of each market, selling as many territories as possible while maintaining profitability for every franchisee. 

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Demographic Criteria

In collaboration, we identify and refine common criteria such as Population, Households, Single Family Dwellings, Household Income, Drive Time, and other industry-specific factors.

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Benefits of early territory mapping

Mapping territories at the beginning yields several advantages for franchise operations: 

Maximized Market Utilization:
Ensure each market is optimized for profitability by mapping territories comprehensively from the start. 

Avoiding Market Gaps: Prevent leaving unserved or unutilized areas, ensuring each market can support profitable territories. 

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Profitability focus

Our Territory Creation service focuses on profitability through: 

Targeted Demographics:
The inclusion of demographic criteria ensures each territory has a viable customer base for sustained profitability. 

Ready to transform your franchise network?

Let us guide you towards unlocking the full potential of your territories. 

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