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Better Understand Your
Customers, Sites & Territories
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GbBIS offers custom web applications and mapping solutions that allow you to profile customers, territories and potential sites.
Know which customers are the most valuable and how to better target more people like them. Understand the factors that
contribute to your most successful territories and sites so you can optimize future territories and always pick winning sites.
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Profiling Customers
Customer Profiling
How Well Do You Really Know
Your Customers?
Customer profiling is more than just knowing a few
demographics. It's about understanding buying habits,
lifestyles and behaviors. It's also about understanding your
best customers and how they differ from the rest. With over
20,000 demographic, lifestyle and behavior variables to choose
from, you'll know your customers better than they
know themselves.
Gain the Insights You Need to
Make the Right Decisions
Customer profiling is more than just understanding their
demographics. It is about their behavior among the choices
they have as well as how they navigate among those choices.
Their proximity to those choices establishes their importance in
the profiling process. Often, a single national profile can be
misleading, requiring profiles organized by regional differences
and by the distinction between urban, suburban and rural
neighborhoods. This is why our profiling process is custom
designed for each client.
Customer Profiling
Profiling Sites
Find New Sites Faster
Solutions Configured for
Your Business & Your Budget
We configure our web applications to your specifications to
reflect your business model. If we don't have something you
need, we invent it. If there's something you don't need, we
don't include it. There is no bulk package where you pay for
tools you won't use. We work with all kinds of clients, providing
solutions as maps, reports, services, or web applications to fit
your business and your budget.
Find New Sites Faster
Select and view key demographics, consumer behavior and
expenditure data from over 20,000 variables. Use the profile of
your most successful sites to search for new areas with the
same factors. Use demographics and consumer data to find out
which of your customer segments are contributing to most of
your profits and learn more about them - then target more
people just like them. Manage all these essential functions on
one easy-to-use web application – 20/20iSite.
Web Applications
Profiling Territories
Customized Profiling
Creating actionable results
through data analysis.
Territory profiling goes beyond the simple application of a
customer profile. It is about the combination of quantitative,
geographic and location qualities that are required for
successful territories. The locations of competitors and other
retailers in relationship to the distribution of potential
customers influences performance. Ultimately, our clients
want to create the optimal number of territories that
support success.
GbBIS delivers the Spatial
Advantage to help you grow
and manage your business.
Customized profiling helps you understand your customers,
territories and locations. Know what creates winners
to define optimal territories and to select the best sites.
Territory Profiling
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Learn more about customer, site and territory profiling.
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