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Radius & Drive Time Reports

Radius and Drive Time Reports

Radius and Drive Time reports help you better understand how location, geography and proximity affect your business...they assist you in identifying and profiling customers, evaluating a new site, improving the efficiency of deliveries, and much more.

Including Drive Time and Distance Radius data lets you engage in meaningful distance and location analysis. GbBIS Radius and Drive Time reports help you understand the importance of location and proximity to your business, and can be customized to fit your business needs and applications.

Data Providers

GbBIS has partnered with industry leaders in order to provide you with the most reliable data for your needs. Our range of geographic, demographic, and proprietary data allows us to include the information that will help you identify your customers or competitors and accurately determine their proximity to you.

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  • Locate and profile your customers using demographic data
  • Perform location analysis
  • Perform proximity analysis
  • Perform distance analysis
  • More effectively target direct mail
  • Plan more efficient delivery routes
  • Select a new site based on distance and demographic data
  • Reports availale in Excel and CSV format

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Key benefits

Our easy-to-read statistical reports assist our clients by covering all their topics of interests (competitors within a 5 minute drive-time, customers within a 2 mile radius, etc.) in a simple spreadsheet. The accuracy and extensiveness of our data allow us to include all the information that's important to your business in your customized reports.

Companies who use Radius and Drive Time Reports

Businesses looking to gather information on their competitors and customers or to engage in spatial analysis use Radius and Drive Time Reports. Franchises and traditional business, moving truck companies and many others, use Drive Time Reports to have information about their closest competitor locations ready in hand.