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Crime Risk

Crime has an enormous effect on communities and businesses. Crime alters consumer spending habits and often creates environments that hinder business growth. Knowing the crime statistics for your location, a potential site location, or the areas surrounding your sales and franchise territories is essential to help you make the best decisions for your business. GbBIS provides you with Crime Index Data to identify areas of high and low crime, as well as giving you different crime data variables and statistics. Understanding these statistics can aid you in selecting new business sites and help you design territories with confidence.

Data Providers

GbBIS has partnered with many industry leaders in order to provide you with the most reliable data available for your needs. Our crime data comes from the top providers of demographic and population data.

Crime Index Data Variables

We offer a number of different Crime Index Variables, giving crime statistics for your area in the specific format to fit your business's needs.

Variables include

  • Total Crime Index
  • Personal Crime Index
  • Murder Index
  • Rape Index
  • Robbery Index -Larceny Index
  • Assult Index
  • Property Crime Index
  • Burglary Index
  • Motor Vehicle Theft Index

Data on Maps

All our Crime Index Data can be represented as physical data on maps. With different shadings representing various crime statistics, businesses are better able to visualize the frequency and severity of crime in their area. Apply our Crime Index Data Variables to a map to find total crime statistics within a ZIP Code, motor vehicle theft statistics within a county, and much more.

Web Applications

Browser-bases web applications give you the ability to view Crime Index Data for your specified area directly on your computer. By using Crime Index Data web applications, businesses can better design their territories, and better select new business sites. Spreadsheet reports can be easily viewed within the web application Comprehensive statistics of reports to assist you in managing your business. Our spreadsheet reports contain a variety of Crime Index Data covering all our data variables. Our staff can also help you create custom reports to fit your specified business needs.

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Key benefits

Our reliable data providers for Crime Index data as well as Geographic and Demographic data can help you create maps, reports, etc., that allow you to truly understand the advantages and disadvantages of a current or new business location. Crime Index data helps guide your business-making decisions to increase the effectiveness of your business.

Companies who use Crime Index Data

Businesses analyze Crime Index Data to determine what security measures need to be taken to protect their companies and investments. Knowing Crime Index data allows businesses to help develop crime deterrent programs, bringing more customers into their stores.