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Territory Maps

Territory Maps

Territory Maps

View your franchise territories on a map that will provide with customized information about your franchise territories so that you can find and target your customers. GbBIS maps and business reports make it easy for you to set sales and delivery boundaries within your franchise areas.

Well designed and managed franchise territories make everyone happy. For example, the franchise organization finds it easier to promote and license well designed areas. They find that license revenues are maximized. At the same time, the franchisee often finds it easier to develop the business opportunity to a predictable potential. GbBIS offers a number of tools that help the franchise organization manage these areas. From simple maps to advanced web based applications, GbBIS helps you design, promote and manage franchise areas that offer maximum revenue opportunity as well as avoid territory conflicts.

Our Territory Maps include

  • Define your franchise territory by any level of geography - ZIP Code, City, County,
    State or Custom Area.
  • Territory shading clearly designates boundaries.
  • GbBIS works with the best data providers: Nielsen, Experian, Applied Geographic
    Solutions Inc. and more!
  • Any level of demographic data, including median income, population, average age, etc.
  • View your franchise territory map as a digital map or wall map. Our digital maps can be downloaded as a PDF or AI. Wall Maps range from 2x3 to 9x12 feet and can even be custom sized.

Get the Maps You Need, When You Need Them

When it comes to territory mapping, we offer our 35 years of experience to design the right map for you. Top quality maps expertly created using the most accurate data.

Demographic Data from ZIP Code to Carrier Route to Census Block

We offer the most accurate demographic data to drive your business forward.

Web Applications for Franchise Territory Management

GbBIS offers 360FranTerra is a highly intuitive, interactive web application for discovering the relationships between customers, competitors, market potential, sites, franchise territories and your business. A critical collection of tools, data and models are easy to apply, transitioning discovery into understanding. 360FranTerra empowers people within all departments with the ability to apply this understanding into executable plans and actions.
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Key benefits

GbBIS provides users with the most reliable geographic and street data, allowing your territories to be represented accurately and aligned properly on your map or web application. Every territory map can be customized to fit your needs and style.

Companies who use Franchise Territory Maps

Small businesses, large and small franchises, and companies with sales team all use maps to visualize their franchise boundaries. Accompanied with demographic and census data, companies use web applications to design their territories according to demographics, creating the most effective territories.
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