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Business Location Maps

Our Business Location maps allow you to plot or mark any number of locations onto a map, giving you a better understanding of the geo-spatial relationships that affect your business. Business location Maps allow you to go beyond the limited capabilities of traditional data reports, informing you on how you relate to your clients and how you compare to your competition. Used by businesses across the world, Business Location Maps can help you understand and predict changes in your market.

Business Location Maps include

  • Coverage of any area in the US
  • Over 10 million USA business listings. Use these listing to mark your map
    with the locations of your competitors, suppliers, distributors, etc.
  • Custom marker labels to identify the different points plotted on your map.
  • Any level of geography (ZIP Codes, Highway, Roads, Lakes, etc.)


Create a custom map marking the locations of your stores, distributors, delivery sites, competitors, or any locations you specify. Use custom marker labels to differentiate between the multiple locations on your map. Our maps come in Wall Map, Map Book, or Digital Map format.

Web Applications

Web-based applications allow you to easily create and edit your Business Location Map on your computer. Include descriptions and important information for each location on your map.

Mobile Locator

Our Mobile Locator is a custom location tool that integrates seamlessly into your business's website. Using this application, customers on your website can search by ZIP code, address, city, or state to generate a detailed map of your closest business locations to them as well as turn by turn navigation and location information. In addition to being tailored made to fit your website's style and color scheme, the Mobile Locator provides cross-platform support, allowing customers to find business locations on their smartphones or tables, or at home on the their computers.
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Carta Loci Maps

Easy to use locator maps complement your sales message with an immediate, practical call to action. Include one of our Carta Loci Maps on your direct mailing materials or website to help customers find your location(s) faster.
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Key benefits

Our reliable data helps to establish locations on your maps with pinpoint accuracy. Our maps are completely customizable to fit your business' requirements and style. Our Mobile Locator application is accessible across all platforms, allowing customers to find business locations on their smartphones or tablets, or at home on their computers.

Companies who use Business Location Maps

Business Location Maps are used by businesses around the world to better understand and predict changes in their market. Businesses and franchises that need help visualizing the impact of their business or competitor locations rely on GbBIS to provide them with the data and maps that they need. Our Mobile Locator and Carta Loci Maps are used by pizza franchises and financial institutions to help customers easily find their locations.
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