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Manage Circulation &
Direct Mail Targeting
with Ease
Locate the Possibilities.

Print & Publication

Manage the circulation of your publication and use
demographics, maps and mailing lists to target households
more efficiently and effectively.
Locate the Possibilities.
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Understand Your Market
Overlay your customers on demographic maps to find out what
ZIP Codes or Carrier Routes they're coming from and what
qualities they have.
Accurate & Up-to-Date
Postal Geographies
Our postal geographies are updated monthly and meet the highest
standards of accuracy, including USPS CASS Certification
Compatibility. They include 5 and 3-digit ZIP Code boundaries,
ZIP +1, +2, +3, +4 boundaries, carrier route boundaries,
Canadian FSA and FSALDU, 6-digit postal code boundaries and
postal codes for countries around the world.
Accurate & Up-to-Date Postal Geographies
Targeted Mailing Lists
Focus your direct mail efforts on the households
most likely to respond with our targeted consumer
or business mailing lists.
More Solutions for the Print & Publication Industry
Marketing Advertising, Direct Mail Management
Products for the Print & Publication Industry
Evaluate market potential on a
national scale down to local.
TDDM - Target Door Direct Mail
TDDM - Target Door Direct Mail
Increase the effectiveness of
direct mail programs.
Demographic Maps
Evaluate the demographics you need
on a custom map of any area.
Business Mailing List
Mailing List
Get accurate business mailing lists by
company name or type of business.
Consumer Mailing List
Mailing List
Get accurate and up-to-date
consumer mailing lists.
Demographic Data
Demographic Data
Historical trends, current year estimates
and 5 year projections updated
twice a year.
Postal Data
Postal Data
Carrier Routes, ZIP Codes, ZIP+1, +2,
+3, +4. Postal codes for countries
around the world.
Demographic Reports
Thousands of variables to choose from
including current year estimates
and projections.
Market Area Reports
Market Area
Gain valuable insights into potential
and current market areas.
Let's Talk
Let's Talk
Get in touch with one our mapping solution specialists to
help you find the best solution for your business.
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