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Geographic Data

GbBIS offers the finest selection of geographic data to use with your favorite mapping software. We offer geographic data from the top providers.

Data Providers

GbBIS has partnered with many industry leaders in order to provide you with the most reliable data available for your needs. Our data includes census geographies, postal geographies, transportation data, location data, demographics and much more. All data is updated regularly, and all postal data is CASS Certification compatible.
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GbBIS creates statistical reports to assist you in managing your business. These statistics range from consumer expenditure to vital statistics about crime in your area. Our geographic data reports include lists of geographic area data, ZIP Codes, carrier routes and census tracts. We can also create custom reports to fit your particular business needs.

Data on Maps

Our geographic data can be represented as physical data on maps, giving you the best visualization of the postal, political, and transportation geographies surrounding your business. Maps can be customized to include sales and franchise territories, store locations, competitor locations, as well as a multitude of other data from our library. Maps are available as a wall map, map book or digital map format.


All our geographic data is available in database format, allowing businesses to apply our data to their own mapping software. Our Geographic Databases (containing administrative boundaries, ZIP Code boundaries, carrier routes, highways, waterways, points of interest, etc.) are available for use with mapping software such as ESRI, and MapInfo and our data is compatible with TIGER, NAVTEQ, and TeleAtlas datasets. Our Databases are available in MapInfo .MID/.MIF, .TAB, or ESRI shapefile formats. Our team can also customize Geographic Data to make it compatible with your mapping software.

Types of Geographic Data

We offer a variety of Geographic Data to suit your specific business needs. These include:
  • Postal Geographies
  • Census Geographies
  • Political Geographies
  • Transportation Data
  • Location Data

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Key benefits

Businesses can use our Geographic Data in order to define and manage sales territories, help customers find their location(s) on the web, develop and maintain delivery zones, plan deliveries and routes, find new customers, evaluate new store sites, identify new markets, and much more. Call or email us to discuss the possibilities.

Companies who use Geographic Data

Users of our data come from nearly every industry and line of business across the globe. Delivery companies that need to divide their delivery zones up by ZIP Code or Carrier Route use our Postal Geographies to do so. Marketing groups looking to identify trends among consumers use our Census Geographies to identify and mark these Census blocks and groups.