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Census Data

Provided by the leaders in demographic and US Census information, GbBIS Census Data ensures the most accurate data to help your business profile customers, design territories, manage direct mailing, and much more. Going beyond simple demographic data, our Census Data allows you to view data variables from the most recent and several past US Censuses, making your business better able to target and identify potential customers. Our Census Data is available in several formats to meet your business needs.

Census Data Variables

GbBIS offers Census Data Variables that are derived from the questions on the US Census and provide:
  • The total population for a given area
  • The male/female population
  • The median age
  • The race category
  • The different household descriptions
  • and much us for more details.

Data on Maps

All our census data can be represented as physical data on maps. Different shadings represent various population statistics so businesses are better able to visualize the key demographic features in their area. Apply the hundreds of our census data variables to a map to find population categories within a Census Block, median ages within a Block Group, and much more.

Web Applications

Browser-based web applications give you the ability to view Census Data for your specified area directly on your computer. By using Census Data web applications, businesses can better target their direct mailing and identify potential customers. You can also view Census Data as spreadsheet reports within your web application.


All our census data is available in database format, allowing businesses to apply our data to their own mapping software. Our Census Databases are available for use with mapping software such as ESRI, and MapINfo, and our data is compatible with TIGER, NAVTEQ, and TeleAtlas datasets. Select your Census Database coverage by Census Block Group or Census Tract and choose from our many Census Data Variables to represent. Census Databases are available as spreadsheets in Excel and CSV formats or can be customized to fit the format of your mapping software.


Comprehensive statistics of reports assist you in managing your business. Our Spreadsheet reports contain a variety of Census Data ranging from gender and age of population to race category and senior population. Our team can also create custom reports to suit your business needs.

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Key benefits

Census Data is a key factor in helping to design your sales territories and increase the efficiency of your marketing materials. Knowing the population statistics of the areas around your business, or around the site of a new business, helps keep you ahead of the competition.

Companies who use Delivery Planning

Small, upstart businesses as well as large corporations take advantage of the benefits that Census Data bring. Franchises use Census Data to better manage their direct mail materials. New businesses take Census Data into account when selecting a site. Companies use Census Data to manage their sales territories and find where their best opportunities lie.