Demographic Business Trends: In-Home Care on the Rise

5 Year Projected Demographic Data Helps Explain Where Healthcare Will Be in Demand

Did you know that by 2030, senior adults will comprise 20% of the population? This is a result of the aging Baby Boomer generation. This drastic increase in the senior population will increase the demand for healthcare. How are health service businesses using this information to project their own growth?

Demographic Projections for Anywhere in the US

Demographic Projections
for Anywhere in the US

GbBIS offers the demographic and geographic information you need to make better decisions about where to expand and prepare for the aging population. You can see how many seniors are currently in an area, and the number of seniors projected in 5 years. Use projected demographic data to help determine if an area will have a customer base in the future.

Emerging Trends in Health Care

Emerging Trends in Health Care

In-home care services will become even more popular as improvements in technology and civic planning make it possible for seniors to stay at home. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the number of jobs for home health and personal care aides to grow by 70% over the coming decade. Get the information you need to understand growth for healthcare or any other industry from GbBIS!


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