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Merging Mobile
& Office Interactions

Conduct location analysis and find potential new locations with 20/20iSite. Then, go out in the
field to see your sites in person and immediately view all the data about your location on your
phone or tablet with 20/20onSite.
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Seamless Collaboration
Between Devices
20/20onSite works hand in hand with 20/20iSite, allowing you to
take your data into the field and onto your sites. Merge the effort
in the office and out in the field, making successful site selection
decisions quick and easy.
 Seamless Collaboration  Between Devices
2020 on Site Report Download
& Upload Anytime
While checking out new locations in person, upload pictures,
floor plans and notes that can immediately be viewed
alongside all your demographics and data.
Opportunities at
Your Fingertips
Take the power of GIS with you and make better site selection
decisions on the road, in meetings, on site – anywhere!
2020 on Site Opportunities
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Free Webinar!
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Merging Mobile & Office Interactions.
Why Choose GbBIS
Why Choose GbBIS?
Our web applications are custom formatted for all companies from small to large based on your
specifications and how you do business. Gain the benefit of a system that fuels your
growth and adds and subtracts features as your business goals change and grow.
We provide more than products. We provide solutions. Locate the Possibilities.
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