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GIS Mapping Software:
Your Compass for Strategic Growth

We are committed to providing you with precise geographic information solutions that are the catalysts for informed decisions and strategic growth. 

Our Data Partners

We work with the highest quality data providers in the industry.

Unveiling a spectrum of solutions

Our team merges complex business needs with user-friendly GIS solutions, ensuring client satisfaction through comprehensive, tailored services like mapping software, databases, and consulting, evolving with your business. 

360FranTerra is your tool for territory management and optimization. Designed for you to seamlessly carve, manage, and fine-tune your territories. 


20/20iSite is your guide to profitable location decisions. A platform that turns complex data into a clear perspective that fuels informed decision-making.

Discover demand and unfulfilled potential with MarketMentor. Identify lucrative opportunities in both new and existing markets, and prioritize your markets to maximize your revenue.

Leading the way in GIS mapping software and data-driven solutions

Whether you are a seasoned expert in the realm of GIS software or a newcomer eager to explore, we provide an intuitive experience that makes strategic growth easy. 

Engage with Gbbis:
A voyage of discovery and growth

Your digital compass to explore the potential of your business. Discover the rhythm of consumer behavior, and design strategies that resonate with the pulse of your target audience.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Our GIS mapping software provides detailed data and insights for informed decisions, with a user-friendly interface that enables unprecedented data visualization. 

Streamlined Operations

Our solutions streamline operations and enhance efficiency by integrating your data with our mapping platform, offering tailored functionality for your specific needs. 

Unmatched Support

Our experts work with you to maximize software use, ensure seamless implementation, and offer ongoing support, emphasizing our commitment to long-term client success. 

Solutions configured to your company's needs

Tell us what your needs are. And we’ll configure a solution to meet those needs. Solutions should conform to the way you do business, not the other way around.

Products & Services for every stage of growth

Our web applications and mapping solutions are configured to your specifications to reflect your business model. If we don’t have something you need, we invent it.

Partners with the highest quality data providers

By partnering with many industry leaders, Gbbis is able to provide you with the most reliable, accurate data and databases available for your needs.

Ready to Unlock Strategic Growth?

Connect with Gbbis today, and let’s build a journey to success powered by precise analytic insights and innovative GIS solutions. Your gateway to strategic growth is just a click away. 

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