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At GbBIS we understand that even in the computer age, Direct Mailing is still a crucial component of many businesses. To make Direct Mail effective, businesses need an inexpensive way to quickly select the customers who should receive their mailings. With our reliable geographic and demographic data, as well as postal data that is CASS Certification compatible, GbBIS's Direct Mail Management can save your company money and increase your ROI.

With our Direct Mail Management web application, IDI OTW (Intelligent Direct On The Web), GbBIS can help you increase the effectiveness of your Direct Mailing.

Intelligent Direct OTW can help you:

  • Target Prime Neighborhoods
    Identify those neighborhoods that are most likely to buy your products and services.
    Demographics, neighborhood classification, and sales data can aid you in finding the people who are most likely to respond to your mail.
  • Manage Marketing at the Household Level
    Our Household Marketing Manager allows you to target direct mailing at the individual household level.
  • Obtain Mailing Lists
    We can provide you with consumer and residential mailing lists for carrier routes, ZIP Codes, counties, or radius areas. We can also provide a targeted mailing list based on demographics, lifestyle, or any other data you require.
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Key benefits

Our postal data is the most trusted and can save your company money by helping you identify ZIP Codes and Carrier Routes. Our Direct Mail Management Web Applications are simple and can be custom-made to fit your business's requirements. They can help you improve your direct mailing strategies; explore the benefits of demographics data, and much more.

Companies who use Direct Mail Management Web Applications

Businesses use our Direct Mail Management to identify the Carrier Routes that are most likely to respond to their direct mail and by doing so, they receive the cheapest postage rate for their direct mail materials. Our browser-based Web Applications make it easy for computer-savvy businesses to integrate Direct Mail Management into their computer-based business management. First-time users of computer-based business management tools will find our Web Applications intuitive, and easy-to-use.
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