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TDDM - Target Door Direct Mail
First there was EDDM®...Now there's TDDM
Target Door Direct Mail
- USPS CASS Certification Compatible
- Data Updated Monthly
- List/Data Pipelines
- Most Effective Mailings
- Maximum ROI
- Most Accurate Carrier Routes
- Most Comprehensive Demographics
Advanced Mapping Tools
GbBIS creates a Direct Mail Management web application, TDDM
(Target Door Direct Mail), that helps you manage your business and increase the effectiveness of your Direct Mail Program. These browser based systems are easy to use.
Target Prime Neighborhoods
Identify those neighborhoods that are most likely to buy your products and services. Demographics, neighborhood classification, product consumption and sales data can aid you in finding the people who are most likely to respond to your mail.
Target ZIP Codes and Carrier Routes Around Stores
Web applications help you view your stores, distributors, and franchise locations, as well as avoid neighborhoods near your competitors. Select those ZIP Codes and Carrier Routes where your mail is most effective.
Obtain Mailing Lists
TDDM can be created for the EDDM program. We can also provide you with consumer and residential mailing lists for carrier routes, ZIP Codes, counties, or radius areas. We can also provide a targeted mailing list based on demographics, lifestyle, or any other data you require.
Select the Best Carrier Routes For Your EDDM Program
Find the Best Carrier Routes for your business and create Carrier Route maps to improve your EDDM Program. With Target Door Direct Mail we give you an easy way to target the customers most important to your business.
Most Accurate Carrier Route Map
GbBIS offers the most accurate Carrier Route Maps, created by state-of-the art proprietary technology using the latest data updated monthly. We offer detailed Carrier Route Maps of your custom area in Wall Map, Map Book and Digital Map formats.
Data Updated Monthly
GbBIS creates and maintains the highest quality of geographies & demographic databases. Every month, GbBIS updates its postal data & geographies, including Carrier Routes, ZIP Codes, & ZIP+4/+3/+2/+1.
USPS CASS Certification Compatible
These postal geographies are created to the USPS CASS Certification standard.

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