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Target the Best Neighborhoods for Direct Marketing

Target Door Direct Mail

  • Better Targeted Direct Mail.
  • Most Accurate Carrier Routes.
  • Update Monthly.
  • USPS CASS Certification Compatible.
 Target Door Direct Mail

TDDM makes Direct Mail Targeting easy and effective. Use
our up-to-date postal boundaries, accurate demographics
and mailings lists to find the best neighborhoods to target
your direct mail. TDDM can be created to work with your
EDDM program.

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Target the
Best Neighborhoods

TDDM is an intuitive application that uses the most
up-to-date and accurate postal geographies to target
prime neighborhoods.

  • Target Zip Codes & Carrier Routes
  • Data Updated Monthly
  • USPS CASS Certification Compatible
Target the Best Neighborhoods
Increase ROI with Targeted Mailing Lists

Increase ROI with
Targeted Mailing Lists

TDDM provides accurate address data for business and
consumer mailing lists. Get mailing lists for carrier
routes, ZIP Codes, counties, or radius areas. We can
also provide a targeted mailing list based on
demographics, lifestyle, or any other data you require.

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