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Get Valuable Marketing Insights with Web Applications

GbBIS clients use our interactive web applications, maps and data to enhance their marketing and advertising efforts. They gain a more in depth understanding of their customers and are able to better target them for direct mail, broadcast or even digital marketing campaigns.
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Know Where Your Customers Come From

Know Where
Your Customers Come From

Overlay your customers on interactive maps to gain
insights about where they are coming from. Look at
their demographics and find new markets that look just
like the one’s your customers are coming from.

Know Who Your Customers Are

Evaluate demographics, consumer expenditure,
psychographics and in depth customer profiles to really get
to know who your customers are. Looking at customer data
on maps help you pick up on geographic trends and better
understand where to target different types of customers.

Know Who Your Customers Are
Target Your Customers More Effectively

Target Your Customers
More Effectively

Target your direct mail to the neighborhoods most likely
to respond using our postal maps. Even focus down to
the household level with our targeted consumer and
business mailing lists. Use our Designated Market
Regions to target your broadcast campaigns and our
traffic counts for your outdoor advertising.

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