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Direct Mail Management

Direct Mail

Maximize ROI on Your Direct Mail Campaigns
GbBIS clients maximize their ROI on their direct mail campaigns by learning more about their customers and targeting
them more effectively. Our accurate and up-to-date geographies, demographics and mailing lists help our clients better
target the households most likely to respond.
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Web Application Solutions, Mapping Solutions
Web Application Solutions
GBBIS custom web applications help
you manage and target your
direct mail more efficiently
and effectively.
Mapping Solutions
Get the postal geographies and data you need for
your direct mail campaigns on wall maps, digital
maps or mailing lists.
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Target Key Customers
Target Key Customers
Identify those ZIP Codes or carrier routes that are most likely to buy your products
and services. Mapping demographics, neighborhoods, and sales data can aid you in
finding the people who are most likely to respond to your mail.
Most Accurate Postal Geographies
Most Accurate Postal Geographies
Our postal geographies meet the highest standard of accuracy including USPS
CASS Certification Compatibility. Our process filters through mailing lists correcting
addresses, misspellings, ZIP Codes and ZIP+4's, ensuring your direct mail strategy
is based on only the most accurate and current data.
Targeted Mailing Lists
Targeted Mailing Lists
We can provide you with consumer and residential mailing lists for carrier routes,
ZIP Codes, counties, or radius areas. We can also provide a targeted mailing list
based on demographics, lifestyle, or any other data you require.
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Let's Talk
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