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Postal Reports

With GbBIS's postal reports you and your clients are able to find and target a specific zip code area based on key information such as demographics, lifestyle and product purchasing information. With a report from GbBIS you can learn who is purchasing from you and where your business can be the most successful. Visually pinpoint areas of interest, plan delivery routes and focus on the areas that are most beneficial to you.

All of GbBIS's business reports have a wide range of statistics available that will help you identify your customers. We use our data to research and analyze the specific information you need to know about your clients. Our business reports condense this information in a single report which helps you make the best decisions for your business.

Data Providers

GbBIS has partnered with industry leaders in order to provide you with the most reliable data for your needs. Our data includes Census Geographies, Postal Geographies, Telecommunication Boundaries, Demographics, Business Statistics, Consumer Lists and much more. All data is updated monthly and all postal data is CASS Certification compatible.

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Key benefits

GbBIS's data allow you to take into account the most accurate and up-to-date information when planning your delivery routes. Geographic and Demographic data are updated monthly and Postal data is CASS-Certification compatible. Companies can rely on our precision when mapping their routes or analyzing data to plan out deliveries.

Companies who use Delivery Planning

Delivery companies, pizza franchises, and many other businesses involved in delivery services rely on GbBIS's experience and reliable data to help plan their delivery routes. Businesses use postal data and look at carrier routes when planning their deliveries. Delivery companies count on the accuracy of geographic data to ensure the quickest and shortest delivery routes.