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GbBIS Showcases 20/20iSite at ICSC RECon 2015
Introducing 20/20onSite for Improved Location Analysis and Site Selection
Irvine, CA - May 18, 2015

GbBIS, an industry leader in Geography-based Business Information Solutions, is showcasing 20/20iSite at ICSC RECon in Las Vegas, Nevada from May 18th to May 20th. 20/20iSite is a comprehensive small-business-to-enterprise level web application for managing location analysis and site selection. 20/20iSite reflects 28 years of helping customers better manage their organizations, whether its retail, real estate, land developers, restaurants, franchises or government organizations, by making better site decisions. The visual nature and interactive elements of 20/20iSite make it easier for users to understand complex spatial relationships.

GbBIS will introduce an innovative new tool; 20/20onSite, to add to the critical collection of tools, data and models that 20/20iSite offers. 20/20onSite offers a connection between the web application and what’s being done on site, in the field. Two key components of 20/20onSite include::

1 - Download information from the web application directly to the phone while on the site, to evaluate site, address traffic count, demographics and more.

2 - Capture additional information on site and send it to the web application. Take pictures of the location, streets or email the site floor plan and more. Attach this information to the database of potential sites to analyze it in the web application.

According to Dan Olasin, CEO of GbBIS, "20/20iSite is a highly intuitive, interactive application for discovering the relationships between market potential, trade areas, sites, customers, competitors and more." He adds, "Its latest component, 20/20onSite, takes this discovery to an even more elevated level by merging mobile and office transactions through seamless collaboration between devices. You can download and upload information at anytime, anywhere for highly informed location decisions."

Visit GbBIS at the ICSC RECon 2015 to discuss how businesses can use 20/20iSite for location analysis and site selection.

What: ICSC RECon

When: May 18th-20th, 2015

Where: Booth N1349 North Hall (MarketPlace), Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

For additional information and to learn more about GbBIS applications, contact Theresa Bordas, National Client Services Manager, at 1-877-447-6277 or

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