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CartaLoci maps

Our Carta Loci Maps are a great way to increase direct mail response, increase the number of customers coming into your stores, and increase sales. Include one of our Carta Loci Location Maps to mark your store locations on your direct mailing materials or website and help customers find your locations faster.

Equipped with the most accurate mapping data, GbBIS Carta Loci Maps
ensure your customers have the easiest time finding your location.

The Best Maps for Your Project

  • Easy to Use
  • Increase Response & Store Traffic
  • Most Accurate Map Data
  • Large Selection of Map Style
  • Custom Map Styles Available
  • Color or Black & White
  • Maps of All Sizes
  • Available in All Print Formats
  • Volume Discounts

It's Easy

Just give us a call! Our expert client service staff will review your project with you. They will provide you with samples, answer your questions and help you make the right choices. They will help you get what you need at a price that fits your budget. And, they are responsible formaking this an easy, successful experience!

Call us today to learn how our CartaLoci Maps can help you and your business.
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Key benefits

Our reliable data helps to establish locations on your maps with pinpoint accuracy. Our maps are completely customizable to fit your business' requirements and style. Our Mobile Locator application is accessible across all platforms, allowing customers to find business locations on their smartphones or tablets, or at home on their computers.

Companies that use Carta Loci Maps

Business Location Maps are used by businesses around the world to better understand and predict changes in their market. Businesses and franchises that need help visualizing the impact of their business or competitor locations rely on GbBIS to provide them with the data and maps that they need. Our Mobile Locator and Carta Loci Maps are used by pizza franchises and financial institutions to help customers easily find their locations.
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