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GbBIS Increases Sales!
Make it Easy to find YOU and YOUR locations!

Target your customers on-the-go

In today’s mobile world, consumers can reach just about anything from the palm of their hand; your business should be no exception. Target your customers on- the-go by providing mobile support. Enhance your website with location functionality; one of the top decision making tools that consumers use when visiting retailer websites.

Increase foot traffic and website conversion rates by offering your customers turn by turn directions directly from their smartphones! Using our application, customers can search any location by ZIP code, city, or state, in order to find a map of your location that is closest to them.

Mobile Locator Benefits

The Mobile Locator is both convenient and easy to use. Along with a map of your nearest locations and turn by turn navigation, we can provide your customers with an address and phone number of any business location; just tap to call! With features like website to mobile information transfer, we make it simple for customers to reach your destination.

Designed to your needs

Our mobile, and online locators are designed to fit your needs. We work to represent your business in a precise and attractive way, all the way down to thematic style. Utilizing your company logos, colors, icons, and more, our design team works to create the best presentation of your business locations. Using accurate geography we work to provide you with a map of one or multiple locations in a clear and effective way.

Why Choose GbBIS

GbBIS is dedicated to helping manage the impact of geography, location, and
demographics through a wide range of data, reports, innovative maps, mapping
products and business solutions to clients throughout the US, Canada and Worldwide.

Learn how your business can take advantage of Geographic Information Services and Systems to assess your markets.

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Key benefits

GbBIS’s Mobile Locator is a customizable application that is designed to fit your company’s logos, colors, icons, and overall corporate identity. Our accurate mapping data and turn by turn navigation will ensure that your customers have the easiest time finding your location. Our Mobile Locator is accessible across all platforms, allowing your customers to find your company’s information whether they are on a smartphone, tablet, or home computer.

Companies who use Mobile Locators

Restaurant franchises and retail stores integrate the GbBIS Mobile Locator into their websites to allow customers to easily find their location information and have the easiest time finding their locations. Companies with specific logos, icons, or color schemes use GbBIS’s Mobile Locator because of its customizability and its ability to integrate seamlessly into a business’s website.
Mobile Locator on a Smart Phone