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Postal Maps

GbBIS Postal Maps give you the advantage of an extensive library of USPS CASS Certification compatible data gathered from US and Canada postal services. Include various postal geographies on your map to assist in your marketing and sales strategies. Mapping Carrier Route and ZIP Code boundaries can help your business cut costs and effectively design territories.

Our Postal Maps Include

  • Coverage of State, City, County, Single ZIP Code, Drive Time, Distance Radius, or any custom area
  • ZIP Code index with grid locator
  • 5 and 3-digit ZIP Code boundaries
  • ZIP +1, +2, +3, +4 boundaries
  • USPS Carrier Routes
  • Canadian FSA and FSALDU/ 6-digit postal code boundaries


All our postal data can be represented as physical data on Postal Maps. With lines and shadings representing different postal boundaries, as well as a ZIP Code index to help locate adresses and ZIP Codes on the map, businesses are better able to visualize the key postal divisions in their area. Available in Wall Map, Map Book, and Digital Map format.


Comprehensive statistics of reports to assit you in managing your business. Our reports contatin a variety of postal data, lists of ZIP Codes and addresses, and spreadsheets of Carrier Route delivery statistics.

Web Applications

Browser-based web applications give you the ability to view Postal Maps of your specified area directly on your computer. By using Postal Map web applications, businesses can better target their direct mailing and design evenly distributed territories.

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Key benefits

Our data is updated monthly and all postal data is CASS Certification compatible, giving you the most accurate information available. Our different formats of Postal Maps allow you to take advantage of our data in the format most suitable to your business style.

Companies that use Postal Maps

Identifying Postal Data on a map can help businesses cut costs. Businesses who use direct mail marketing mail their materials by carrier route to receive the lowest postage rate. Carrier Route delivery count information lets businesses view the quantity of mail that a certain Carrier Route receives, allowing them to better manage their direct mailing strategies. Designating ZIP Codes on their maps helps companies divide their sales and franchise territories.