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Analytic Solutions
for Healthcare
Locate the Possibilities.


Gain access to the spatial analysis tools necessary to grow your
network, best serve your patients and strive for equal access to
healthcare across the country.
Locate the Possibilities.
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Map Out Patients
& Locations
Plot your locations on custom maps or in web applications and
use heat maps to see where your patients live in relation to
your sites. Analyze where to add services in different areas.
Analyze Supply & Demand
of Healthcare
Evaluate the supply and demand of medical services in different
market areas. The state of health and health care provision differs
considerably throughout the US. Custom mapping solutions and
web applications allow you to map these differences in population
density, age distribution, disease prevalence, race, ethnicity,
poverty and the ability to access care.
Analyze Supply & Demand of Healthcare
Find the Best Areas
for New Sites
Use web applications and custom mapping solutions to analyze
and understand the locations of doctors and patients and to help
find optimal sites to best serve patient populations and increase
access to healthcare.
More Solutions for Healthcare
Solutions for Healthcare
Products for Healthcare
Run site reports, forecast the success
of potential sites and more.
Merge the site selection effort
in the office and out in the field.
Provider - Client Match, Schedule &
Navigate for Home Healthcare.
Evaluate market potential on a
national scale down to local.
Advanced Analytics for Franchise
Territory Design & Management.
Franchise Territory Design
& Management Made Easy.
Custom Mapping
Custom Mapping
Locating the possibilities for
your custom mapping solution.
Demographic Maps
Demographic Maps
Evaluate the demographics you need
on a custom map of any area.
Location Maps
Location Maps
Evaluate the areas around current or
potential locations on custom maps.
Territory Maps
Know, create and evaluate
your territories.
Business Mailing List
Mailing List
Get accurate business mailing lists by
company name or type of business.
Consumer Mailing List
Mailing List
Get accurate and up-to-date
consumer mailing lists.
Demographic Data
Demographic Data
Historical trends, current year estimates
and 5 year projections updated
twice a year.
Demographic Reports
Thousands of variables to choose from
including current year estimates
and projections.
Market Area Reports
Market Area
Gain valuable insights into potential
and current market areas.
Radius & Drive Time Reports
Radius &
Drive Time Reports
Look at demographics, traffic counts and
more defined by radius are or drive time.
Let's Talk
Let's Talk
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