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Traffic Counts

Traffic Counts keep track of the average amount of vehicle traffic in a specified area. For companies whose success relies on daytime population and activities, knowing the Traffic Counts of your area can make a huge impact on your business.

Our Traffic Counts Data from Kalibrate allows businesses to view traffic counts for the US as well as major areas of Canada and Puerto Rico.

Kalibrate features include

  • Reliable traffic count data collected over 1.2 million traffic volume counts at more than 1 million traffic data points.
  • Easy-to-read markers of different sizes and colors identifying areas of high, low, and median range traffic.
  • Quarterly updated data
  • Historical traffic count information, allowing users to analyze the growth or decline of traffic activity in their area.
  • Available for State, Region, County or any custom area


Traffic Counts are available as statistical reports to assist you in managing your business. Our Traffic Counts Data reports include spreadsheet lists of count numbers on specific highways. Using Traffic Counts Data, our team can also create custom reports to fit your particular business needs.


All our Traffic Counts Data is available in database format, allowing businesses to apply our data to their own mapping software. Our Traffic Counts Databases are available in formats for use with mapping software such as ESRI and MapInfo


Our Traffic Counts can be presented as physical data on maps, giving you the best visualization of areas of high and low vehicle traffic surrounding your business. Maps can be customized to also include sales and franchise territories, store locations, competitor locations, as well as a multitude of other data from our library. Maps are available in Wall Map, Map Book or Digital Map Formats.

Web Applications

Browser-based web applications make it easy to view Traffic Counts on your computer. Add store locations, competitor locations and view demographics within the web application to truly understand how vehicle traffic affects your business.

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Key benefits

Our reliable Traffic Data is frequently updated, allowing businesses to consider the most recent traffic counts when selecting a new site, evaluating a site, or designing a territory. Our variety of formats means we have the data that you need in a format that fits your business.

Companies who use Traffic Data

Companies that rely on daytime populations and activites, such as retailers, shopping centers and corporate marketing departments, view Traffic Counts as a key factor in analyzing trends successfully, allowing them to tailor their business to better suit their customers.