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Political Data

GbBIS's political data designates the divisions of man-made borders and other politically designed geographies. Knowing the political boundaries in your area is essential for businesses. These boundaries often dictate sales and franchise territories, affect delivery areas and routes, and much more.

Our Political Data Includes

  • State Borders

  • County Borders

  • MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area)

  • CBSA (Core Based Statistical Area)

  • Congressional Districts

  • State Legislative Districts - Upper and Lower

Data on Maps

All our political data can be represented as physical data on maps. Different lines and shadings represent various political borders. Businesses are better able to visualize the key divisions in their area.

Web Applications

Browser-based web applications give you the ability to view Political Data for your specified area directly on your computer. Businesses can view Political Data along with various Demographic or Census Data to identify customers within a congressional district, or view the demographic statistics within a legislative district.


All our Political Data is available in database format, allowing businesses to apply our data to their own mapping software. Our Geographic Databases (containing administrative boundaries, ZIP Code boundaries, carrier routes, highways, waterways, points of interest, etc.) are available for use with mapping software such as ESRI, and MapInfo and our data is compatible with TIGER, NAVTEQ, and TeleAtlas datasets. Our Databases are available in MapInfo .MID/.MIF, .TAB, or ESRI shapefile formats. Our team can also customize Geographic Data to make it compatible with your mapping software.


GbBIS creates statistical reports to assist you in managing your business. These statistics range from consumer expenditure to vital statistics about crime in your area. Our political data reports include spreadsheet lists of political boundary data, including lists of State Lines, County Lines and Congressional Districts. We can also create custom reports to fit your particular business needs.

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Key benefits

GbBIS receives its data from the most trusted providers, allowing your company to take advantage of our accurate borders, political divisions, and districts.

Companies who use Geographic Data

Political Data comes into play in almost every step of business planning. Companies managing, realigning or designing their franchise and sales territories rely on Political Data to accurately define their territory boundaries. Delivery companies rely on Political Data to correctly establish delivery routes, and businesses that target political parties use Political Data to determine these boundaries.
Political Map
Political Map
Political Map