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Demographic Data

Demographic Data

Up-to-Date and Accurate
Choose from over 20,000+ demographic variables from our leading
providers. GbBIS creates custom solutions and sometimes even
invents technology to ensure our clients are visualizing their data
in the most effective way for their business.
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Demographic Data
Demographic Variables
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Population, HouseHolds, Income
Population by Age, Household,
Race, Sex and more
Types, Age, Size,
Language and more
Averages and Medians, Family Income,
Household Income and more
Labor Force, Dwellings, HoseHold Income by Age
Labor Force
Employment Status, by Industry,
by Occupation and more
Value, Units, Rent,
Year Built and more
Household Income
by Age
Median and Averages by Age
Household Assets, Origin & Ancestry, Ownership Costs
Household Assets
Household Owning Assets,
Types of Debt, Net Worth and more
Origin & Ancestry
Asian, Indian, American,
Scandinavian and more
Ownership Costs
Monthly Occupancy Costs,
Dwelling Value, by Race and more
Lifestyle / Behavior Data
Psychographic Variables
Line Divider
Psychographic Variables
Apparel, Gifts, Health Care,
Utilities and more
Religion &
Political Data
Psychographics, Religion,
Political Outlook and more
AGS Panorama
Profiling Data
Connecting neighborhood
demographics and consumer
preferences and attitudes.
Risk Indices
Risk Variables
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Risk Variables
Weather Risk
Temperature, Precipitation, Degree Days,
Air Pollution and more
Crime Risk
Assault, Robbery, Burglary and more
Neighborhood Segmentation
Neighborhood Segmentation
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Neighborhood Segmentation Variables
Household, Population and more
Automotive, Insurance, Leisure,
Vacation, Travel and more
Our Data Partners
To provide you with the most up-to-date information
available GbBIS works with the highest quality data
providers in the industry.
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Use Demographic Data For
Location Analysis & Site Selection
Location Analysis
& Site Selection
Forecast the success
of new sites.
Market Analysis
Market Analysis
Gain insight into new and
current markets.
Franchise Territory Management
Territory Management
Assure predictable growth with analytics
Direct Mail Management
Direct Mail Management
Maximize ROI on
your direct mail campaigns.
Better understand your customers,
territories and locations.
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