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Gain Powerful Insights with
Interactive Web Applications

June 16, 2020
Gain Powerful Insights with Interactive Web Applications

Make Better Business Decisions

While data itself is integral to making better decisions for your business, visualization of data dramatically increases your ability back up those decisions. In a study from Wharton School of Business, 67% of the audience felt that presenters who combined visual and verbal components in their presentations were more persuasive than those using solely verbal elements. Use web applications to gain powerful insights and present those insights most effectively to persuade your colleagues.

Evaluate Customer Data with Web Applications

Go beyond spreadsheets and graphs and evaluate your data from a different perspective. Geography affects your customers: how they get to places, how they spend and save their money, where they choose to live, etc. Viewing your data on web applications gives you the perspective you need to further understand who your customers are and how they interact with your business.

Turn Your Data into Actionable Insights

Evaluate where your customers live and work in relationship to your stores or offices. Analyze demographic data to find patterns and trends and develop customer profiles. Look at sales data to understand where your best customers are located. When you have accurate, timely and relevant data, you have the information you need to take actionable insights for business growth, improved customer experience and more.

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