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Connectivity & Integration with API's

Connectivity &
with API’s

GbBIS clients benefit from the complete solution, connecting their web applications to systems like Alteryx, SalesForce, Power Bi, FranConnect and more for powerful, on-demand, self-service processing of data analytic projects. API's are used to connect systems and pass information back and forth. The systems can do different things with the information such as pass territory data, demographic data, consumer data, business data and more. GbBIS does not use ‘one size fits all’ solutions for their clients. API's are just one of the many ways GbBIS configures and customizes solutions to the way you do business. Every business is different - and they are treated that way - delivering actionable results that that are easy to implement and unique to your company.

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PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with Esri


Clients of Esri benefit from partnering with GbBIS. They use our services to help them get the most out of their GIS and location intelligence software.

These services include our up-to-date postal geographies, quality territory boundaries, territory optimization, white space analysis, and market analysis. GbBIS's accurate geospatial modeling, mapping & data collection capabilities helps Esri clients have the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics available.

PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with Avalara


With the support of a leading provider of tax compliance automation for businesses of all sizes, GbBIS clients can leverage the Avalara Compliance Cloud tax automation software for trusted tax content.

Benefit from GbBIS web applications that integrate Avalara to automate and simplify complex compliance interactions, pull sales data for returns and bridge the gap between your business and regulatory authorities. GbBIS strategies leverage Avalara’s sales and tax calculations based on the latest rules and rates to satisfy your business license and registration requirements.

PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with Google


GbBIS clients benefit from the powerful combination of mapping layers and satellite imagery from Google with the analytical tools and data from GbBIS. Create meaningful solutions that drive growth. Facilitate access to high-performing mapping and data-driven location analysis for your business needs with our adaptable range of web applications.

As a Google Cloud Technology Partner, GbBIS clients have the ability to access a variety of mapping software products, mapping databases, innovative project consulting, and customized GIS data.

PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with Near


GbBIS clients make better business decisions using Mobility Data from Near - the world’s largest source of privacy-led intelligence on 1.6 billion people, 44 countries and countless brands. To many companies, it simply boils down to knowing who visits your stores, and who visits your competitor's stores.

The Nearverse helps businesses maximize ROI on marketing spends across channels, mitigate data privacy risks and outperform competition with visitation data and trends for stores, restaurants, buildings, cities and more.

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PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with TomTom


GbBIS clients get accurate and up-to-date mapping and navigation data from TomTom to support web applications and business solutions. Data accuracy is vital to the performance of GbBIS location intelligence solutions, and that’s why TomTom is our trusted partner.

TomTom’s MOVE portal provides leading navigation solutions and road analytics in North America. This gives GbBIS clients easy access to detailed, high-quality GPS data and mapping solutions delivered through intuitive tools and dataset outputs. Combining TomTom’s historical and real-time data with GbBIS’ range of web applications reveals new insights into how your customers move - so you can more effectively target your business’ expansion and outreach efforts.

PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with FranConnect


GbBIS connectivity and integration with FranConnect helps clients recruit franchisees and sell more territories, matching with the right high-quality candidates.

FranConnect is an industry-leading franchise supplier with extensive experience in making customized solutions which help customers recruit the highest caliber franchise partners to sustainably grow their brands. FranConnect's software expertly qualifies and prioritizes prospects while providing detailed data that allows GbBIS clients to efficiently track the progress towards their franchise development goals, and understand everything about the business to make meaningful, informed decisions.

PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with Power BI by Microsoft

Microsoft’s PowerBI

GbBIS clients benefit from the data industry’s leading tool - Power BI by Microsoft. Elevate your analytics and visual ion tools with direct access to Customer Analytics Dashboards built on Power BI as our client.

Power BI and GbBIS integration provides clients with high data availability and scalability, security and compliance, and ease of management throughout their organization. This also includes performing ad-hoc query analysis, visualizing data, and creating-user friendly dashboards with ease.

PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with Xpressdocs


GbBIS finds incredible value in partnering with Xpressdocs, providing clients with automated marketing for growth. Xpressdocs provides direct marketing solutions and marketing automation platforms for a variety of industries.

In addition to providing GbBIS’ clients with direct access to Xpressdocs' fulfillment center to assist with inventory management and the distribution of branded materials, Xpressdocs powers a modern and automated direct mail option to support lead nurturing within GbBIS’s range of web applications.

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PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with Tableau


GbBIS harnesses the full potential of data analytics by connecting and integrating Tableau with GbBIS web applications. Clients develop insights into and create visualizations of their data. GbBIS clients supercharge their web applications within their existing BI environment.

Tableau’s interactive data management, analytics and visualization tools connected with the GbBIS web applications establish an enterprise solution of choice for businesses confronted with complex data. GbBIS clients explore their data to make business decisions more predictably actionable.

PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with Salesforce


GbBIS and Salesforce partner to offer end-to-end analytics. Connectivity and integration empowers decision makers and managers to deliver insights, make better decisions and get results faster.

The GbBIS API gives Salesforce clients the ability to quickly and accurately assign callers to stores, trade areas and territories. As locations and areas are changed in the GbBIS Web Application, these changes are immediately applied to Salesforce. Leads are assigned to the correct sales representative with confidence.

PARTNERSHIP UPDATE Connectivity with Alteryx


Alteryx and GbBIS connectivity empowers analysts and decision makers to break data barriers, deliver insights, and influence business decisions…fast!

Alteryx clients effectively utilize data created and maintained in their GbBIS applications. This includes territory and trade area definitions, information about 330,000,000 consumers and their households…as well as every business and their locations.

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