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GbBIS America's Resource for
Geography-based Business Information Solutions
Custom Web Applications
Gain the benefit of a system that fuels your growth and adapts as your business goals
change and grow. We provide more than products. We provide solutions.
Solutions customized for your
business and your budget.
View any level of geography on your
web application - from the entire US
down to block group. Display your data
by census tract, ZIP Code, carrier
route, city, county or custom boundary.
Gain access to the data you need. Choose
from over 20,000+ demographics. View
market potential, consumer expenditure,
traffic counts, drive time, or even upload
your own company data.
Conduct analysis at your desk or
on the go. View all the features and
capabilities of your web application on
a laptop, tablet or smart phone.
Start with a solid foundation.
Our Products
Our products are the foundation on which your custom web application will be built. Start with the main goal
in mind and add all the custom features and capabilities you need to improve your business operations.
Gain access to the in-depth insights
you need to make confident site selection
decisions. Avoid underperforming
locations by forecasting profitability
for any new sites.
Go out in the field to evaluate
potential sites and view all your
location analysis data on your smart
phone. Upload pictures, floor plans
and notes right on site.
Discover demand for your products
and services in new markets.
Find unfulfilled potential in existing
markets and maximize revenue.
Design and optimize
territories for franchisee
performance and franchisor
revenues. Easily collaborate at
all levels of your business.
Accurately and precisely locate
your addresses and pinpoint them
on maps. Analyze the relationship
between those locations and
geographic elements.
Features and Capabilities
Click any of the links below to learn about our custom features and capabilities and how they
contribute to improving the way you do business.
Demographics Geographies Proximity Analysis
Display Locations
- Stores, Competitors, Customers
Build Reports / Print Maps
Free Webinar!
Contact us to request a demo to learn more
about how our tools can help your business.
Call: 1-877-447-6277
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Why Choose GbBIS?
For 30 years GbBIS has been in the business of using
expertise to craft location intelligence tools for your business.
During that time, GbBIS has delivered over 160,000 projects to
clients from the US, Canada, and Worldwide. We are the only
company that takes the time to customize our products and
services for each and every client. Locate the Possibilities.
Call: 1-877-447-6277
Email us:
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America's Resource for
Geography-Based Information Solutions
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